When every word counts, call me.
When every word counts, call me.

Six Reasons You Need a Freelance Corporate Writer

1. When you retain the services of a freelance corporate writer, you pay only one fee. Such burdensome items as payroll taxes, benefits costs, and other employee expenses are eliminated.

2. A freelance corporate writer is there only when needed. You do not have to worry about keeping this person busy. By definition, a freelance corporate writer is engaged with your company only when and where needed.

3. A freelance corporate writer will make your employees more productive. When your employees know that significant writing projects will be handled by a freelance corporate writer, they remain free to concentrate on what they do best.

4. A freelance corporate writer brings a multidiscipline perspective to the project. Most company employees are very knowledgeable--in their area of expertise. Unfortunately, this specialization can limit the broader perspective and quality that they can bring to a document. A freelance corporate writer is highly experienced with a broad industry exposure, thus ensuring that the finished product is high quality. Issues of grammar, technical accuracy, context, public relations, and balance are given appropriate attention.

5. A freelance corporate writer brings significant specialized knowledge and talent to your company. Most companies find that when an item needs to be written or edited, the vexing question is, "who can we get to do this?" Since your people are already handling enough responsibility, and they are often not comfortable in handling writing and editing assignments, this usually results in a finished document that does not reflect the true quality of your company. Unfortunately, now it is in print--permanently for all to see. This can contribute to negative customer perceptions. A freelance corporate writer will ensure that your company is represented in the best possible light.

6. The bottom line is simply this: When you use a freelance corporate writer, everyone wins!


Friday 9/28/18 was the annual showcase of The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City.  As a member of that organization, I was one of many freelancers presenting portfolios. Additionally, I had the joy of serving as one of three panelists discussing various aspects of working with freelance talent.  

2018 Panelist FXKC
View the showcase brochure.
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