When every word counts, call me.
When every word counts, call me.

My name is James Meadows. I am a freelance corporate writer with decades of experience in all aspects of the writing, editing, and creative processes.


One of the greatest strengths I bring to every project is my diversified background. My experience includes but is not limited to communications work in chemical research, leadership development, counseling, psychology, blogging, public relations, ad copy, marketing, ministry, demographics, trends, healthcare, technology, cybersecurity, sales, telecommunications, futurology, career planning, talent management, academics, economics, financial planning, human resources, entrepreneurship, quality management, business administration, financial planning, contracts, regulations, and motivation.


The next time you need a copywriting project completed, contact me. My talent will improve your business.


Friday 9/28/18 is the annual showcase of The Freelance Exchange of Kansas City.  As a member of that organization, I will be one of many freelancers presenting portfolios. Additionally, I will be one of the panelists discussing various aspects of working with freelance talent. This event allows interested companies to meet and greet area freelancers.  Each year, the showcase proves to be a roaring success for each participant.  More information is available at the FXKC EVENTS page.